Monday, November 30, 2009

Will there be a prize?

We made it. Thirty posts. Thirty days. I wrote it. You read it. Well, you scanned it, anyway.

What have I learned?

That I can still grind it out when I have to. This either means that I'm still good at coming up with something under pressure, or that I'm completely inane and like to talk about nothing.

That not every post was inspired, to say the least. I usually just blog when I have something I'd like to say, get off my chest, share. Some days I'm just too freaking tired from being up eight times a night to have anything more to say then "slurb. ugga. gobble uck uck." And yet, I filled the space and, I hope, occasionally entertained.

That I looked forward to having my writing time each day - well, mostly, except for the other day when I was actually dozing/drooling on the couch and realized I had to come up with something and all I REALLY wanted to do was go to bed. But there is something nice about knowing that, at some point in the day (or night, as the case may be) I'm going to take time to put my thoughts on "paper." This did often involve multitasking: I typed while eating, while my baby clung to my pants and screamed, while my older son needed his butt wiped, while Sage had a temper tantrum or three, while watching TV... Alone time is rare. Makes me realize I could use more of it.

The best part is I did resuscitate this blog. Breathed some life into this old girl and got it going again.

I'm excited about moving forward with it. I want to make some changes to, you know, make it even more Special and Saucy. I will keep you posted.

I even (gasp) redid my twitter address. You can now find me at specialsauceith. It's like my blog with a lisp. But the full name was too long, so I had to improvise.

Okay. So I can't promise I'm going to do daily thing again in December. We've got our wedding anniversary, the holidays, Sawyer's birthday, my birthday and general craziness.

But I will definitely be around a lot. I hope you will too.


Kristy said...

Good work, Momma! I need to follow your lead and be better about keeping my own blog updated. I'm patting myself on the back now for finally getting through my list of 6 months worth of posts I needed to write. (We were stuck on dial up for awhile and I couldn't blog, really.) Now that I'm back in action, I have no more excuses....

kirsten said...

interesting outcome of this exercise, the impetus to make the blog specialer and saucier. I've experienced the same impulses, but obviously, haven't done much with it. Hmmmm. Where's a good web designer when I need one?

Jen C said...

"It's like my blog with a lisp." HA!

Congrats! I'm going to miss my daily dose o' cheryl so you have to promise to post at least a couple times a week. Please?

Queenie T said...

I'm inspired to try this next November (as apparently even thinking of attempting NaNoWriMo makes my life spontaneously combust).
I'm glad you're writing again, even if you do feel that some of your blogs weren't the most special of sauces. I got a little bit of a peek into you I hadn't gotten the pleasure of peeking before, and it turns out I like you even more than I did...which, to be honest, I didn't think was possible. :)
Keep it up, Cheryl. It's good practice for when you write your memoirs!

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