Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wonder of Wonders

Something happened today that you WILL NOT believe. Seriously.

I probably should be checked for, like, some freakish disease where your head spins completely around and your body is covered in a peculiar green rash that only Dr. House and his team of dysfunctional doctors can cure (speaking of which, that actress who plays Thirteen? Olivia Wilde? Stunning!

Okay. So Sage and I did some errands this morning. I had to return three sweaters to three different stores. The third stop? Target. Oh, we looooove Target, don't we? If I could get all the hours back that I've spent trolling the aisles, burying the toothpaste or contact solution or baby wipes or whatever I actually came in for in the bottom of the cart under mounds of Stuff I Don't Need, I would live to be 134. And counting.

I told Sage she could get a treat at the Starbucks in there if she was good. And she was (I know, shocking!). So after we returned the sweater and camisole, I got her an apple juice box and a polar bear iced cookie. Then I grabbed a disinfectant wipe out of the convenient dispenser, and prepared to wipe off a cart for Sage to sit in.

Then it hit me. I didn't need to buy anything. No reason to enter into the Hall of Shiny Things on the pretext of getting Kleenex.

And blogosphere, you will not BELIEVE what happened next. But it's true.

I turned around. And I walked out.

Without buying so much as an acrylic snowman plate.

I left with more money then I had when I got there.

Talk about the season of miracles.


kirsten said...

I don't think I've ever experienced such a thing. There is like a magnetic force field drawing you in, there by the carts. So really, you DEFIED THE LAWS OF NATURE today. That's what you did.

JenC said...


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