Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Date Night

No, not with him, silly. Well, actually, it kind of is. Since X has taken up residence in our room, we have not watched the shows we used to watch together before bed. So with all three kids asleep at a decent hour, David and I are finally going to watch one of our faves.

House. The season premiere. We're only a month or so late.

So I'll see you tomorrow, blogosphere. I'm off to date night. On the couch. With David. My container of sorbet. And Hugh Laurie.


kirsten said...

FINALLY, right??

my fave sorbet when I was non-dairy was coconut. It was a little closer to ice cream than all the fruit ones...

Wendy said...

House is REALLY good this season. The first episode was a little whacky (if I'm remembering them correctly), but loving the season now.

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