Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Common Thread

You might remember my son's fascination with a certain dead performer by his dance tribute (you have to scroll to the bottom) to him.

He still loves him some MJ. David made him a CD for him to listen to in his room and in the car. It actually makes me smile to think about how much he's getting into music that I listened to when I was young.

There's just something cool about it, you know? I'm sure the day will come when they'll be blasting something in their rooms and I'll cover my ears and be all, "What IS that stuff you kids are listening to??"

Makes me remember the day I found my parents' Harry Belafonte album (yep, we're talking vinyl) and listened to him sing about a beautiful bunch of ripe bananas. Over and over and over. My parents probably dug that. Maybe it made up for my Violent Femmes phase later on.

When I got to junior high, I discovered my sister's Doors album. Eighth grade was the Beatles. I wrote lyrics to their songs on my book covers (do kids still do that? We used to cover them with brown paper bags).

Then I got into Springsteen. My kids can now recognize The Boss when they hear him, but they haven't gotten into him as much as Michael Jackson. Must be the sequined glove. Who doesn't like sparkly things?

Whatever. We will always have this touchstone: the connection of enjoying the same music, even when we might not agree on anything else.

Anyone else discover your parents' music, and now your kids are finding yours?


kirsten said...

Ha! First: I TOO HAD A VIOLENT FEMMES phase. And a Beatles one. My first foray into music was 50s pop though - on vinyl of course. I can still sing along at any diner.

My kids have not yet gotten 'into' our music, although we play a lot of folk stuff that everyone can get into. It may take them a little longer to 'access' Depeche Mode (mine) or U2 (his).

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Funny that you wrote about this b/c I'm busy trying to find songs for Jack's Ipod that are ok language-wise but cool to begin exposing him to "real" music. Just put the Clash on the wish list that I'm building :-) (and yes, I also loved Violent Femmes!!)

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