Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday? I think not.

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Okay, so yes, my husband left the house before 6 a.m. to go do some shopping. But does it really count if your stops are Lowes, Home Depot and Sears? The man came home with a value pack of batteries and two shop vacs, which joined the one he'd just bought the week before.

He was home by 8 a.m. And that was the extent of our Black Friday extravaganza. See, we have more important things to do the day after Thanksgiving. On our little street, it's time to put up the Christmas lights.

It's such a pain to put them up, we want to make sure they're up for a good long while: until New Year's Day.

The neighbors all started wandering out somewhere around 9 a.m. Everyone chatted. We spent about 20 minutes of our lives watching a gardener cut down two of my next-door neighbor's palm trees. They were in the way of her Christmas decorations, so they had to go. That, and she's hated them for years. The trees, that is.

The kids started playing, riding bikes, razors, playing baseball - the usual stuff. One of our neighbors had family over, so that added six more kids to the mix. The only break was for lunch. Then they were all back out there. Friends came, and brought their kids, too.

Another neighbor dragged their fire pit into their driveway. So of course there had to be smores, right? I believe it was the first for Sawyer and Sage.

By now it was late. Time, finally, for everyone to go back into the warmth of their homes.

This was no Black Friday. This was Red and Green and Snowmen Friday. This was fire and melty marshmallows and kids who will always remember this day as the one they stayed out playing way past dark.

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Janine said...

sounds like a wonderful day! I am jealous!

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