Saturday, November 21, 2009

Up next: Little League

We survived. Sage's first soccer season is over.

She has the potential to be a good little player. She's at least always running in the correct direction...

A little shout-out to Sawyer, who scored the first goal of the game last week. It was quite a kick...

Sage went to almost all of Sawyer's games for the past couple years. So she was pretty happy her big bro came to watch her last game.

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And with Sawyer's third season ending last week, my job as Soccer Mom is on hiatus til next Fall, unless Sage decides she wants to play again this spring.

Cause the girl does love her bling..

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kirsten said...

and really, why else would you do soccer, unless there is gorgeousness at the end?? I had to laugh at Cecilie's 6th place swim meet ribbon, which she would wave proudly at people and say "do you realize that means only FIVE people came in ahead of me?!?!?!"

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