Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pardon the interruption..

I'd love to blog. I really would. I mean, once the kids are in bed, I usually sit down at the computer and figure out what I'm going to write about. I scan through my pictures, I wait to see what Kirsten's writing about over at Nilsen Life, I go on Facebook.

But not tonight, people. Not tonight.

Because for the first time in eight months, two weeks and four days, my husband and I are going out.


Oh yes.

We're just going over to a friend's house to celebrate her upcoming 40th birthday. Frankly, where we're headed isn't important. It's THAT we're headed somewhere. Alone. Together.

It's long overdue.

So pardon the interruption in my regularly scheduled blogging. It's time to break out the flat iron and the eyeliner.

Catch you tomorrow!


kirsten said...

woo hoo!!! hope you guys had an awesome time. (And, not to be pedantic, but indeed you DID blog. :) Good work.)

Jen C said...

OOooh!! Have fun! You most definitely deserve a night out.

PS You and Kirsten amaze me with your dedication. Seriously, I'm not this dedicated to anything.

Janine said...

Sounds exciting!! Hope you had some great adult conversation.

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