Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

Today we bought our turkey. Thanksgiving just snuck up on us, I guess. This apparently happens when you have three kids and it's all you can do to get through the day (and night), never mind looking ahead.

So of course we had to pay four times what we would have for a frozen turkey. We just didn't think we'd have time to thaw it, and I will never forget the year my mother and sister had to blow dry the turkey to get it to soften up.

We weren't about to take any chances.

It will just be the five of us, with a new little face at the table this year. I don't have any family in the state, and David's mother is visiting his borther and family in Florida.

The meal will be simple: turkey, green beans, potatoes, stuffing (for David. I personally don't get stuffing. It's, like, mushy bread. Discuss.), corn bread muffins and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

It's nothing fancy. I'd like to think that in the future I'll get more creative. But it will be more than enough food for us. Hopefully Sage will decide to actually try the turkey - or churkey, as she calls it.

Today Sawyer's class had their Thanksgiving feast. It was cute. They got to play games outside, and then finally came in for the food. There were about 60 kids in the classroom as they combined the morning and afternoon class.

This was the first time I'd volunteered. X was napping and David was home, so I snuck out. I was taking some artwork off the wall when one of the moms shrieked to me, "LOOK at what your SON is DOING!!!"

And there was Sawyer, practically on top of his friend K as he tried to kiss her on the back. Yes, he loves the ladies. What can I say. Actually, what I SAID was something we've talked to him about before: we only kiss family and we keep our hands to ourselves.

"But I LIKE her, Mommy!"

Well, yes. We can see that. Fortunately, HER mom thought it was funny when I told her. And the feeling is mutual - K asked if she could have a playdate with Sawyer. Apparently it will have to be supervised...

He does have excellent taste. She's adorable.

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I'm thankful my boy has such an open heart. They'll be time enough for him to harden it.

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kirsten said...

"time enough to harden." ooooof. I wish it wasn't so close on the horizon - I too have one of the open-hearted variety.

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