Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Tao of Pear

My girlfriend Ciaran's baby is almost exactly a year older than Xander. This means I am the lucky recipient of all the stuff she wants the heck out of her house.

One of these things is her Beaba Babycook. It's a gadget that steams and purees food in the same container. It is SO easy. Even for those of us who might be considered culinarily challenged. You seriously can't mess it up.

I decided to try it. With Xander's digestive sensitivities, it seemed like a good idea to control exactly what was going into his food.

Turns out, I actually find making his food to be very relaxing. And satisfying too. Maybe it's the peeling of the apples and garnet yams or whatever, or maybe it's the chop-chop-chop with a nice sharp knife.

I even dig the pureeing part, whirring the blades til the consistency is just so.

The best part is, of course, watching Xander enjoy the food that I made. It's as satisfying as when I've made something new for dinner that has, like, sauce or something on it and my kids actually eat it - even Sage! So when he only takes a few bites because he's too distracted by, say, trying to shove a toy in his face instead of the spoon, it's frustrating. I'm all "But you liked it yesterday! Why won't you eat it today???" Maybe he's practicing so he'll be ready for his Terrible Twos.

Yes, there have been times when I am aware that it would be more convenient to go the jarred food route. And I still might pick up a few to have on hand, just in case.

But not today. Not when there are three containers of sweet potatoes and one of apples waiting in the refrigerator.

Just for my boy. Home-made. Just like him.


kirsten said...

I started making baby food for Kid#1 out of sheer guilt from going back to work at 6 mos, but I loved it so much (for the reasons you describe) that I ended up doing it for all 3 kids. And, the upside? I have a sneaking suspicion that being exposed to freshly prepared, unusual veggies/fruits has helped them be the amazing eaters that they are. Not that I can take credit - it is more like a happy accident. :)

Cheryl said...

okay, so what kinds of stuff did you make? I'm kinda limited. No legumes (peas and beans) b/c of allergy issues, and of course no dairy, wheat or soy. Oh - he's also allergic to avocado. So far I've only done apples, pears and sweet potato. Tried carrots and he didn't like them (which is odd, no?) so I should probably try them again. When I'm feeling REALLY crazy I give him an apple/pear combo! I know - I'm WILD!

Jennifer said...

Love, love, love the Babycook. We had one for the first two and since I thought we were done and foolishly gave it away, I will need to buy another one soon. As far as recipes, I have a Beaba babycook cookbook. It is all in dutch but maybe you can look for an English version in the States. I also liked the superbabyfood cookbook. The lady who wrote it is a bit too "granola-y" for my taste but some of the recipes and food guidelines I did find useful.

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