Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, I don't think it can hurt. Can it?

We got the call yesterday from the pediatrician that the h1n1 vaccine was available and to call immediately if we wanted it.

The message was left during the two hours the office is closed for lunch, and shockingly, I totally forgot about calling them back. Until this morning. Then it was like trying to call to get concert tickets back in the day. Just constant busy signal. I just kept hitting redial until I finally got through.

I made the appointments for 4 p.m.

Then I was left to stew for the next six hours or so.

I guess I have the same questions about the vaccination as everyone else. Is it safe? Is it necessary? What's the deal with the thimerasol?

This is one of those times I wish I wasn't the Mommy, having to make this decision. David did not seem all that excited for them to get the shot. He assumed I did all the research, and I have, but it's all conflicting.

If every time Sawyer got a cold it didn't immediately take up residence in his chest, I probably wouldn't get the shot. But it does. Even the simplest of colds end up with us having to give him nebulizer treatments.

Still, I didn't want to put something in his body that potentially could be dangerous. I also don't want him to become really ill with the flu.

Unfortunately I'm no longer someone who just goes along with whatever "they" say. Chalk it up to all the stuff I discovered along the way to making my decision to have natural childbirth. I learned to question the medical establishment. That of course has its downside, in that you end up with a lot of information to sift through.

The CDC says, of course, that it's safe. Logically, it makes sense that since they already make a safe seasonal flu shot, then one made exactly the same way but with a different strain should also be safe.

I think there is a basic mistrust of government. Especially lately. Like this is just a big money-making scheme for the government, which is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. And that's why they're pushing the vaccine like a meth dealer on a playground.

The thing is, that just sounds so, well, cynical. Maybe it's just trying to keep people healthy, and in some cases, alive. Keep them productive and at work and at school.

We are left to read and question and poll our friends and ultimately, make the decision that's best for ourselves and our family.

So off they went. Sawyer came home and proudly announced he didn't even cry. Sage was STILL crying when they got home.

I feel okay about getting them the shot, though. At least I can say that today I did something to protect my kids.

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