Friday, November 17, 2006

Let the taunting begin

Sage's new favorite thing to do is to grab whatever toy Sawyer might have put down for a nanosecond, or maybe snatch one of the 47,000 planes he's playing with on the floor, and make a run for it. She usually beelines to wherever I am sitting with Sawyer in hot pursuit. He then either cries or tries to wrestle the toy away from her, which results in her crying. I try to explain to Sawyer that she only wants it for a minute, and then she'll move on to something else. Or I encourage him to find another toy for her to play with. He is trying, but he's only not quite 3. Needless to say, I feel like a referee most of the day.

In other developments, Sage was sitting in her high chair yesterday eating lunch. I looked over and she started flapping her hands at me. It took me a few seconds to realize she was doing the sign for "all done" which I had tried to teach her. I wasn't all that consistent with it, but she picked it up. I asked her if she was all done and she smiled. She also did it at dinner that night. I'm so proud! She definitely is not as verbal as Sawyer was at this age, so maybe she'll use the sign language. Sawyer had no interest.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A budding liberal (we hope)

Yesterday I had to wait for Sage to get up from her nap before I took the kids with me to go vote at the elementary school across the street. I finally had to wake her up at 5 p.m. after a solid - and unexpected! - four-hour nap. Of course, Sawyer slept just 45 minutes. Anyway, I stuck both kids in the BOB and we started on our way.

Sawyer: "Where are we going Mommy?"
Me: "We're going to vote."
Sawyer: We're going on a boat?"

Later, at the polling place

Sawyer: "I'm having so much fun voting!"

Maybe it was because he knew that my vote was a small light in the ultra-conservative darkness that is Orange County. I'm surprised to voting machine didn't pass out when I inputed all the democrats.

In other "news"...

Sage is starting to nod her head "yes" if you ask her something that she wants. It is so cute! I left her and Sawyer in their bathroom for about a minute to go get dressed in my room. I heard her complaining a bit, so thinking that Sawyer was probably beating her over the head with the bubble bath bottle, I hurried in - to find Sage sitting in the bathtub. She'd climbed in. This was only moments after she successfully climbed into Sawyer's bed for the first time.

Sawyer had his 3-year checkup. He's 32 pounds, 37 1/2 inches..

Monday, November 06, 2006

No pain, no..sitting on my butt!

So I decided to test my leg today, and went to running camp. I am happy to report that it held up just fine! Now, granted, we just did drills today, AND I ran with the beginners (some of whom cannot run a mile without stopping) AND we were doing a 14-minute mile pace, but still. I did it without pain! I can't go Wednesday so I will test it out again Friday. WOOHOO!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The wonderful thing about Tiggers..

...And badminton playing kangaroos!

Halloween was a success, after a few threats. Sawyer decided he didn't want to put on his costume or go trick-or-treating. So I told him that Mommy, Daddy and Baby Sage were all going, and he could stay home. He got into that costume about 2 seconds later. And he had a blast! There is nothing like watching your child really enjoy himself. He was running from house to house. Ringing doorbells. Saying trick-or-treat and then taking a candy. He even said thank you several times without my having to remind him. The best part is he doesn't even really know what candy is, so he didn't care about eating it. He was only excited about a little bag of Halloween pretzels. Sage, on the other hand, loved carrying her bucket - until she got a piece of candy in it. Then she stuck her little hand in, grabbed the candy, and threw her bucket. She was ALL about the chocolate - like Mommy like daughter! She didn't eat any though, just clutched a milky way for about an hour..

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