Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's in the jeans

I had to find something presentable. But not dressy. Jeans. The perfect piece of clothing to wear, especially in the cooler weather.

I love my jeans. I have a pair of 7s that were my gift to myself after I lost the baby weight from Sage. Eventually they got a little baggy. So the next year, I picked up a pair of True Religions.

Both have remained folded in my drawer through much of my pregnancy, patiently waiting for me to lose the baby weight from X.

Well, you know, some of those pounds are still hanging around, and I needed my jeans. The True Religions were completely out of the question,so I figured I'd see if I could stuff my stuff into my 7s.

People, this wasn't pretty. I got them on. Buttoned, even. I'm thankful they have a little bit of Spandex in them, but, um, the low rise sure let my midsection swing free.

Let's just say I will NEVER look at a muffin the same again. Ever.

I didn't need to wear them until today. So every day for the past few, I've worn them around in attempts to stretch them further. Therefore it came as no surprise last night when I found two glops of dried sweet potato on the leg, courtesy of my cruising little boy.

But, you know, I couldn't WASH them. All that hard work! All that cutting off of circulation! All those deep knee bends! There was NO WAY I was going to risk them shrinking after the amount of time I've spent trying to make them bigger.

I guess that's why we have paper towels. I rubbed the food right off and shoved myself into my 7s this morning. Pulled my shirt down to my hips and hopes of hiding everything.

And look! I have a waist!

Little miracles everywhere.

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kirsten said...

oh my oh my, the muffin top. so horrible horrible horrible. Well hey, if you can get in 'em, then you WIN. That's why tunic tops are 'in' right now, for midsections like ours. :)

oh, and re: sweet potato globs. I have one word: MICROFIBER. Specifically, microfiber cloths. Get it wet, scrub just a second, and food glop begone. Another little miracle.

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