Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who says romance is dead?

David and I had a rare and much-needed "date night" tonight. We went to our favorite Thai place, where I always order the chicken wokked with snow peas. It is SO YUMMY. The only problem is the food literally comes out before the waitress has even made it to the kitchen to give them the order. And I've been so hungry today (Torrey and I ran 10 miles in 41 degree weather, which is ass cold for us wimpy SoCal girls, regardless of the fact I grew up in New England) that I finished my dinner before the rice soaked up any of the sauce.

So what did we do next?

Pier One. TJ Maxx. Barnes & Noble. Got in the car. Went to Target. Got back in the car. Drove to Vons.

Came home at 9:05.

This is my life.

Maybe on our next night out we can get REALLY wild and go to...the MALL!


Jen C said...

LOL!!! We try to do date night every other week. Many of our dates have been to Target for household stuff and there have been many times where we ended up at Borders just flipping through magazines. But hey it's without interruption and that's sexy!

Cheryl said...

Funny! I'm always a better person after browsing through a bookstore uninterrupted!

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Kudos to you for trying!! Our anniversary was a couple of weeks ago so we took the whole clan to our favorite Italian restaurant that we hadn't been to in a few years. Very romantic dinner for five ;-)

Cheryl said...

Yes! Dinner for five! It was nice not having anyone yell "I'M DONE!" then proceed to forcibly slide her plate completely off the table...

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