Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Hangover

That must be it. What else could explain my mood, other than the downslope result of a massive two-day sugar high?

I tried to buy some screaming deals on Gymboree today. I put all this stuff in my basket, then got distracted. By the time I sat down to buy them, all the items were gone. I mean, GONE. Which would've have been so bad if I wasn't also buying my friend some stuff. Now both of us are getting nothing for our kids. Which is pretty much exactly what they need.

The only store around here I wanted to go to today was Pier One to pick up some Christmas ornaments. I got some cute ones. And a bread mix.

Then I sat in my car. And pondered. And listened. Amazingly, I couldn't hear the siren call of my favorite Bullseye of Love, my beloved Target. It was, literally, right across the street. Right there! How could this be? What is wrong with me that I had absolutely no desire to go?


I instead bopped over to Starbuck's to get David and eggnog latte, then motored home.


I'm feeling as tired as our Christmas tree, which is dropping needles faster than Sawyer opened his gifts.

Christmas Eve, he was very eager to make sure we left cookies for Santa and oatmeal (?) for the reindeer. He was more interested Christmas morning in watching SuperWhy and his new favorite, Fireman Sam (oy is it bad!). In his defense, he does have a bad cold, but still. It's Christmas! Where is the greed magic?

He finally figured out that there were Gifts. He walked down the stairs, slowed, and, bent over with the sheer weight of amazement, yelled:


Then he ripped through his gifts and started crying when he realized there were No More and his sister was still slowly opening hers (she was actually LOOKING at what she got).

We also forgot to take one still shot of them amid the rubble.

We'll have to get on that before our tree is naked.


Melissa said...

With all the excitement leading up to Christmas, it took Greg and Ashley awhile to figure out that Santa had left them presents too. I love that Sawyer wanted to leave oatmeal... Greg insisted on leaving Santa some broccoli!??

Jennifer said...

We also gave the reindeer oatmeal! J made a special bag of "reindeer food" in preschool and it consisted of uncooked oatmeal, raisins, peanuts and (of course) M&Ms. The bag was decorated to look like a reindeer and the directions on it said to sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve.

So, I *finally* got an ID on here and I wanted to also comment that I have been a faithful reader of your blog for a while now. I really enjoy your writing. Have you thought about getting into the "blog business"? (I am also a frequent reader of Dooce, thanks for turning me onto that way back when you posted about it on SK).


Cheryl said...

Melissa - Hey, Greg's concerned about Santa's fiber intake. You must be so proud! ;)

Hey, Jennifer! Great to "see" you! Very cute about J's reindeer food! Maybe we'll do that next year (sans the peanuts, of course!).

And, THANKS for the compliments! I'd love to make money from complaining, er, I mean, gushing about my kids and my life, but unfortunately dooce is in an entirely different league!

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

How cool - we did oatmeal for the reindeer here in TX, too! The older kids had fun sprinkling it around. Still haven't cleaned up the mess from all of the presents - possibly what's causing my own "Christmas hangover" 3 days later...

Cheryl said...

I put oatmeal on the plate with the cookies and carrots! DOH! I didn't know I was supposed to put it outside. That's what happens when you're Jewish and you have no clue! LOL

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