Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's 5:21. Do you know where your dinner is?

Because I sure as hell don't. My kids are currently sitting on the couch watching Word World. My husband is upstairs ironing his clothes for his business lunch tomorrow. My dogs are outside barking like jackals.

And here I sit.

With no idea what my darling family will be eating in approximately 40 minutes.

I should be in the kitchen, rummaging through the refrigerator - or, more likely, the freezer - looking for inspiration. But I can't. If I ignore this issue, maybe it will go away. Pretzels contain at least one food group, right? And they're WHOLE GRAIN!

I'm paralyzed by my inefficiency.

I want to be one of those moms who plans out their menu for the week. They go to the grocery store and spend an hour or two each Sunday chopping and mixing and getting things organized.

I sit on my ass and watch football.

Cooking in my house is always a challenge. I don't eat red meat. David doesn't eat fish. Sawyer will try most things, but if I try to serve him lasagne or any pasta with sauce on it, he asks me to please remove the "dip" from it. Sage eats nothing. Except mac and cheese from a box (it's ORGANIC, people, calm down!).

It sucks when you spend time creating something you're sure your kids will down like it'll explode if not consumed within 10 seconds, only to have the Princess shove it across the table like she's playing pool and my lap is the corner pocket.

I would be happy eating peanutbutter out of the jar with my fingers a spoon, but since that could send Sawyer into anaphalactic shock, we don't have any of that particular substance in our house.

At the moment, I'm thinking the kids will get chicken nuggets (no trans fat! less breading!), broccoli and...?

Really gets the tastebuds jumping!

If anyone has some good ideas to help me please advise. Unless I'm the only one mired in Dinner Dread.


Jen C said...

I am the exact SAME way! I used to love to cook. But since kids, I am paralyzed too.

Hmmm...maybe this is why we eat out so frequently?

Cheryl said...

So glad I'm not alone! Of course, I'm not running a kick-ass home business like you, so I don't really have the "no time" excuse! LOL

Melissa said...

I didn't notice this post before... It's funny, on Tuesday night I also didn't want to cook dinner. So, I didn't. When Bob got home I informed him he needed to get back into the car and go directly to Taco Bell's drive through. Yep, I am a great mom, so much like June Cleaver you can hardly tell the difference.

Debra w said...

I recently came across your blog, so I thought that I would leave you a comment. I don't know if you have ever heard of Super Suppers, but I keep a few of those in the freezer, just for those kinds of nights. It's like Dream Dinners, where you can go and prepare the meals yourself, but Super Suppers has some that are already made and frozen, so you can just bring them home. You can even cook them straight from the freezer, which I love! Makes everyone feel like they are eating a home-cooked meal, even me!

Cheryl said...

Melissa - I hear that, sister!

Debra - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I've done Dream Dinners once and it worked out fairly well. The problem is the kids basically won't eat any of it, so my husband and I get stuck with it for a few nights - and then we get tired of it! We are SO high maintenance! ;)

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