Friday, December 14, 2007

Wait - I am creative after all!

This is the dirt cake I made for Sawyer's birthday, during which we had a visit from this woman who brings lizards, turtles, snakes and other assorted creepy-crawlies.

So we had a reptile party which was screaming for dirt cake. And yes - I ground the oreos MYSELF to make this cake! It actually came out yummy. The parents were all fascinated by what was really in it, and kids loved finding the gummy worms layered into it.

Check out the recipe below! It's from Martha Stewart, natch!

I did it!


Jen C said...

See you totally rock the crafty/cooking/all around kick-a mom label ;)

And happy b-day to DS! I'm sure he had a blast. I would have had to have EMS techs come to resuscitate me. Let's just say my kids will never have a party with snakes. I love my kids...just not that much.

Cheryl said...

Then it's probably a good thing I didn't post the pic of me with a large python around my shoulders...

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