Friday, December 28, 2007


Remember when that was the cool thing to say? Like when someone got totally burned on something, you'd be all, "That was SUCH a FACIAL!" Like a noun version of "in your face!"

Or was that just something only said by someone attending a small high school in suburban Connecticut in the 80s?

Yeah, like you didn't have a mullet or wear legwarmers, either.

Anyway, today I had a facial with a small "f." My mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate to a local salon. I had originally had an appointment for today for a little thing I like to call Torture By Way of Hot Wax.

Instead, I decided to use the certificate for a facial. Running has not been kind to my skin. I have a small army of oil wells marching across my face, courtesy of rivers of sweat that have graced my face during and after every run.

And, in keeping with my tradition of excrutiating spa experiences - I LOVE me some deep tissue massage! - I made sure the facial was as painful as possible. I knew about the "extraction" but I was ever so over-the-moon when she put the flesh-eating mask on me!

Seriously. It was this pumpkin thingy that had some kind of dead-skin disolving enzymes that made it feel like tiny needles were pricking my skin. For about 10 minutes. I went to my Happy Place while she gave me a hand and foot massage, but I couldn't help snickering at how ridiculous I am.

RELAX! my inner voice shouted.

But no. Impossible.

So in essence, the Facial (capital 'F') was, in fact, on me!


Dawn said...

I want a facial bad! I was a teenager in the 80's (graduated in '89) but we never said facial. Must have been a Northeast thang! ;)

OCHalf07 said...

Yes, that was something only said by kids attending a small high school in CT. Me and my girls at private high school in Bel Air (just down the street from the P-boy mansion) actually GOT facials.

Isn't adulthood wonderful? I get the strong sense that perhaps you and I wouldn't have been BFFs in our younger days! So happy to be past that stage and able to appreciate our many similarities.

BTW, no mullet here, although I DID have a fabu asymmetrical cut (the 80's version of the Posh) in my Junior year of HS. It was awesome with my Guess ankle zips and wide belts...

Cheryl said...

Dawn - DH also has no clue what I'm talking about, but he went to HS out here, so...

Torrey - I didn't have a facial until I moved HERE! I also had my first pedi when I was in my 20s, and the woman literally went into labor during it - her water broke!

But yeah, unless you were hanging with the jock crowd, drinking beer at a party spot on a deserted road, we probably wouldn't have been hanging together! ;)

Dawn said...

Oh, I totally drank beer on deserted roads!

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