Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tall ships

Today we went to the Tall Ships festival in Dana Point. We got there early to make sure we got decent parking. This was a mistake, because although we found a close spot, we then had to listen to Sawyer whine for 45 minutes about how he wanted to go on the pirate ship NOW! He and I sat on a bench in front of the boats while David took Sage to buy tickets. Sawyer used this time to become terrified of the boats. He clung to me and said into my ear "I'm sorry Mommy that I'm scared of the pirate boats!" He did finally get to go on one, but he was lukewarm about the whole thing. We then went to the Ocean Institute and he found a tank of sharks to stare at for a good while. Our next stop was to stand on some rocks and watch the waves break, which was cool, but then David mentioned a smoothie to him so Mr. One Track Mind could not be sidetracked from his goal. We did manage to get a hamburger in him before he had his smoothie. Luckily Sage napped through most of this..
Speaking of Sage, I can't believe her birthday is tomorrow! We turned her carseat around today and she couldn't have been more pleased with herself. She looked around with a big smile on her face and kicked her legs around. Hopefully the new position will deter Sawyer from smashing her in the face with his metal airplanes..

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