Sunday, September 10, 2006

My sweet baby girl

Well, we made it. One year. I feel like I'm just getting to know you. For your first 7 1/2 months, you cried. I was so sad; I felt awful that you were so miserable all the time, that I brought into the world someone so unhappy. In some ways, it made me love you even more fiercely; maybe you needed more of me. And then, you woke up. Sun shone on you and in you, and suddenly, we saw you emerge. The real you. You amaze us. You are fearless. Determined. Tempermental. Confident and curious. Nothing (not even childproof locks) stands in your way. You are so adorable and loving and snuggly. You cry to be held, only to squirm to be put right back down again. You are a mommy's girl, clinging and wanting to come to me, but your face lights up for Daddy - would it kill you to say mama once in awhile? You are so beautiful. Your eyes are amazing, blue and gray and sometimes green. I can't wait to know your thoughts, dreams, even silly stuff, the secrets you might whisper into my ear. Shoe shopping! I hope you'll be my companion on many expeditions. My best friend. My sweet babes. Happy birthday, my beautiful love!

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Jen C said...

Happy Birthday Sage! You're about to embark into the wild and wonderful toddler years. Make sure you proceed with caution and some knee pads wouldn't hurt either ;)

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