Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's official - I'm the mom of a preschooler!

Sawyer had his first day of preschool Tuesday. He was VERY excited, especially because he got to bring his special new bucket. All the kids bring a bucket to and from school each day. It holds a change of clothes and, in Sawyer's case, diapers. Sawyer's bucket is red. So are a lot of his classmates. This is because it was the only normal shaped bucket that Target had - can you imagine? Anyway, he decorated it with stickers of - what else? - planes, trains, trucks and boats. He even has some sparkly sharks and sting rays slapped on there. We attempted hand prints, but it didn't go so well. Sawyer was more interested in wiping his sticky metallic-silver painted hands on the walls and the refrigerator. I also tried to stencil his name in black sharpie on it. Let's just say the letters aren't exactly straight, but at least I spelled his name correctly. He seemed a bit confused when David and I asked for hugs and kisses before we left, but he was mostly interested in seeing the bunny rabbit (it's name, I believe, is Bandit, but Sawyer is convinced it's Band-Aid). When I came to get him the teacher said that he'd cried during transitions, but that otherwise he did great. The first thing Sawyer said to me was "Where's Daddy?" He then reported that he'd cried and asked to go home and see Daddy, but the teachers said "no." He also said he was supposed to hold a rope and walk with the other kids but he asked to be carried instead and the teachers said "no." I will have to follow up with them tomorrow morning to find out what the story was. He did say that he had fun and that he had apple juice and square crackers for dessert. He was disappointed that his friend Jacob was not in his class. I really don't know who this was a greater rite of passage for, Sawyer or his parents. I was proud that I didn't cry. I just feel like he's SO LITTLE! It's just another small "goodbye" that comes with the territory, I guess..

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