Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A girlfriend?

Sawyer, as promised, was deposited back at preschool today. He started getting his boo-boo face before we even left home, but I promised I would carry him and put Sage in the stroller. He was fine on the car ride over, but once we walked into the classroom, it was ugly. He clung to me like one of those cobwebs I run into, crying. We finally sat down so the teacher could read a book (the other boy who also wanted to read had a runny nose! I wanted to usher the little infectious germboy out of the school as soon as possible, but I restrained myself). Sawyer was okay for a bit, then the second I got up, started clinging and crying again. I disentangled myself and handed him to the teacher he seems to like better, and I made my getaway.

I chatted with some of the other moms while we were waiting to pick up the kids after school. One of them has a daughter named Alyssa, who apparently was very sad that Sawyer wasn't in school last week.

Meanwhile, I saw Sawyer sitting in the circle with the other kids while the teacher read. She saw us at the door and told us we could come in. Sawyer ran right to me, but I noticed he wasn't frantic or wanting to be picked up. We went outside into the play yard, and Alyssa came to the door and tried to get out. Sawyer opened the door for her and I said, "Is that your friend Alyssa?" And Sawyer said "Yes" and patted her on the head! Of course, being a typical male, he was otherwise oblivious to her. I'd asked him before if he'd made any friends and he said there was a boy named Evan who he liked - but there's no one named Evan in his school! Anyway, the teacher had yelled over to me that Sawyer had a GREAT day. So hopefully Thursday will be less traumatic.

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