Friday, September 22, 2006

Bottles - be gone!!!

Sage just finished her second day with no bottles! This is HUGE news at our house because 1) Sawyer gave his last one up at 18 months and 2) we only had to buy one can of Nutramigen at almost $24 a can and 3) she seems to be doing great so far on the soymilk, which she will ONLY drink from a cup! WOOHOO!! Now I actually have room in my dishwasher for other stuff (like the 3,000 sippy cups we manage to use a day). I haven't tried whole milk with her yet, which of course would be the easiest thing to manage, but we'll take the soy!

In other (non)news, David arrived home from his conference in Tahoe with the evil head cold! He took a sick day and promptly went to bed. Meanwhile I sat and fumed on the couch. I've been miserable for a week while he was away - I would've KILLED for a nap! The nice thing is Sage went down just 30 minutes after Sawyer and woke up a little bit after him, so I got a nice break. Which I spent watching some inane shows about pregnant models and then, of course, Oprah. I actually made dinner for a change with a super-easy turkey meatloaf recipe and we actually managed to eat as a family. Shocking, isn't it?

Running update: returned to class today after a week off. It was a fairly tough run, lots of downhill but then some killer uphills. I did okay. I did swipe Sawyer's inhaler (yes, I've stooped to stealing drugs from my 2 1/2 year old) and took a few puffs in the car on the way. We did a little over four miles. The worst part is my left adductor is back to hurting again. Ugh.

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