Monday, September 25, 2006

It's (s)not funny!

Can this sinus thing-y PLEASE go away? The good news is, although I am still blowing enough green stuff to spackle by bathroom tile, Sawyer seems to be on the mend. We got him back on singulair and hopefully it will help. Poor little guy. He's going to preschool tomorrow whether he likes it or not!

Sage made her official park debut as a mobile child tonight. Not surprisingly, she loved the slides and tried to climb up them. She also enjoyed going in the swing next to her brother. I unfortunately only had my cell phone camera to record the moment.

I forgot to mention that a couple weeks ago (before the plague hit) Sawyer and I went scootering at the lake. A man was jogging by and Sawyer wanted to catch him. He was even with the man for a moment, and yelled "Yeah, baby, yeah!" Luckily the man smiled. I had to stop jogging after him because I was afraid I'd pee my pants.

Running update: Today we separated into four groups, 1 being the slowest and 4 the fastest. I opted for group 2, especially with my lingering phlegm. There were four women in our group, including one who was recovering from shin splints. We did pretty well, tho I had a tough time with one hill. Mouth breathing is not an attractive thing. It was flattering, though, as before we started one of the women in the group asked if I was sure I wanted to be in 2 and not 3.

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