Friday, September 08, 2006

Girl Genius/Preschool/Progress

Sage has now figured out how to open the "child-proof" locks on the cabinets. Hopefully she won't develop an affinity for drain cleaner.

Sawyer (who, incidentally, didn't have enough interest in the innards of our cabinets to think about trying to break in) had his open house at preschool yesterday. I went into the director's office and climbed up on my soapbox to emphasize how paranoid I am about Sawyer coming into contact with peanuts or other nuts (we're not sure if he has an allergy other than peanuts, but I don't want to find out there). I need them to assure me beyond a reasonable doubt that it will be safe for him. This will be the first time he will be away from me where I can't monitor what he's eating (he's been to MIL's but not without David there). I did not think it was the time to mention the reason we're sure he's got severe peanut allergy is because his mother (yes, that would be me) accidentally gave him a peanut butter cookie at a Christmas party) and sent him to the hospital. Anyhoo. I don't want to be a PITA mother but... Sawyer seemed to really like the school. He cried because he didn't want to leave and David had to carry him out of there. Hopefully he won't care when he realizes that we're actually going to LEAVE him there on Tuesday for a few hours. I'm sure I'll be crying more than him!

In other news, we did a timed mile today and I came in at 8:55 - after running a 9:21 just 11 days ago. WOOHOO! Maybe this camp is helping after all! David seems to think I will run my 8 minute-mile yet. I have six weeks til the end of camp...

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