Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What We Learn

Here's the thing. I can't get this out of my thoughts, and any post I would've written tonight would've just been so trivial.

So I'm just going to link this blog.

It's about a mother of three who is losing her two year-old baby girl to Neuroblastoma, a terrible, terrible cancer. In today's blog, the mom, Shanna, is listening to the quiet in her house as her daughter sleeps.

Most of us would love to have a few moments of silence in our house, where we're not being tugged on and whined at or called upon to break up a fight over legos.

After reading her post, you might reconsider.

You might just savor the noise.


kirsten said...

yep. the words just escaped me too, after spending time with Layla Grace. How is it possible to say anything in the face of that?

Unknown said...

oh dear, my heart breaks for them ... why? it's so horribly not right ...

Mely said...

This just broke my heart...my prayers are with Layla's family.

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