Friday, February 05, 2010

We Heart Rocky Road


It sprinkled this morning. And that's being generous. The sky was, indeed, grey. Moisture did fall. But you didn't need an umbrella or anything for our walk to Sawyer's school.

Nevertheless, I got X all prepared. Just in case the heavens opened and dumped buckets right on our heads once we turned the corner.

Because when you live in Southern California, this is how we roll. And I suppose you can see little droplets on his rain shield, but that was about the extent of it.

The sad part is I didn't even wonder how he could breathe in this plastic cocoon. I just assumed, since he was still alive when I got to wherever we were going, that he had enough oxygen. I've used it a few times before, and it was only today when I realized there are little holes in the side. Good to know, good to know.

Meanwhile, the sidewalks, usually filled with tons of kids and parents walking to school, were deserted. Why? Because, as I might have mentioned previously, it was sort of sprinkling. And out here, it might as well have been a monsoon.

The line for curb-side drop off in the parking lot was actually backed up well into the street.

I really enjoyed the walk. Well, I would have if Sawyer hadn't dawdled in the house while X and I waited for him outside. He was supposed to be finding his umbrella, but instead I caught him leaning against the couch, staring at whatever show Sage was watching while she waited for me to come back to take her to school.

We were late. So I made him run. And he had the nerve to say his legs were tired. Tired? Are you kidding me? Those legs are barely six years old! Try going on 41 year-old legs that have run two marathons, to say nothing of supporting great weight through three pregnancies and then sprinting after kids all day.

Tired? I laugh at tired! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

This reaction did not impress Sawyer. He continued to complain and walk as slooooowly      as       posssssssible   all the way to his classroom.

Maybe it was the low pressure system messing with his emotions.

I think rain for people who grew up out here must be like if you're used to having vanilla ice cream every day and then WHAM someone gives you Rocky Road. At first you are a little nervous, but you try it, and you kind of like it, but it's a little exotic. You're not quite sure what to do with it. You're all Whoa, I had this Rocky Road today, and it was different, but I really don't want it tomorrow. That would just be too much. You really, really miss vanilla. And as you know, a lot of people are afraid of the unknown. So you do what all those FOX news viewers do when confronted with something unfamiliar: you panic.

That's right. Never drive here during the rain. It's worse than driving in West Palm Beach in January behind an old lady from Canada. It's insane. Lots of slamming on the breaks. Lots of driving too slow. You get the picture.

So I walk to school when it's not raining hard and hope no crazy-ass driver hydroplanes onto the sidewalk. We also walked home after school. And who do you think was running up the hill?


I still had my other little guy to keep me company. He loves being out in the rain. He loves his plastic.

How do I know? Because he even allowed me to capture his elusive wave hello on my iphone. You can even see he's saying "Hiiiiiii!"

I bet HE'LL like Rocky Road.

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