Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eleven Months


We're almost there, you and I. Or is it you and me?

Eleven months. The reality that I'm going to have a toddler any minute is just now seeping into my brain.

Bye-bye, baby.


Did you hear me yell that? Yes? Is that why you're still talking in your crib instead of napping?

I'm sorry. I'll be more quiet.

I'm not ready.

And that's okay. Are we really ever ready to see our kids grow up? I mean, the days that we're changing yet another poopy diaper or cleaning vomit out of our hair or answering the eternal question of "why" for the bazillionth time, we might dream a little dream about when THEY will be away at college or out on their own and we will be left alone to think complete thoughts for the first time in more than 25 years.

Then I proceed to grab my kids and hold them even tighter.

Because, really, they're only little for a blink of the eye. This month really has been sweet. X is just a delicious baby (yes, I'm still calling him a baby!) and is at a very fun age.

Just yesterday he decided that he can actually walk if he wants to. He's started going from station to station: from the wall to the chair, from the chair to another chair, then on to a sibling, then over to the couch, then halfway across the room. He's finally making that transition and I know it won't be long before he's running.

He also loves to dance. I hope he always will.

He's still a little guy. My scale has him at about 20 1/2 pounds, and unless he puts on a major growth spurt in the next month, he won't come close to tripling his birthweight (he was 8-2) by a year. But he's so healthy and alert. He has beautiful soft skin. He has rolls on his legs. He's happy.

We've introduced a few new foods. We tried wheat and the six poops the next day told me it didn't go so well. He now is quite enamored with kidney beans, broccoli and polenta. We have no shortage of fiber. We just haven't quite figured out how to fatten him up.

He is starting to get some words. Up is a favorite. He also waves and says "Hiiiiiiii" without any prompting. Like when Sawyer bounced into our bed this morning. X's face lit up and he treated Sawyer to a HUGE Hiiiiiii. He says daddy and doggie. He can point at the bear in his book. He really notices stuffs:  today he grabbed the Wii remote off the couch, turned to look up at the TV (which wasn't even on) and started shaking the remote. I'll have him playing Marios Bros. soon!

He does not say Mama.


Does that really matter, though? It's clear I'm his fave. He has not crossed over to the Dark Side, aka liking Daddy more than me like the other two. This possibly might be because I'm still nursing and he feels he needs to stay in my good graces.

Don't worry. You always will be, Bubs. You always will be.

* You might be wondering where all the pics are. Thing is, I had some fun video I wanted to post. But for some reason blogger on the mac is not letting me do that. So they're over on facebook. Check 'em out, those of you who link here through there.

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ER in OC said...

Be sure he uses the wrist strap next time he shakes the Wii remote at the TV! ;)

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