Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh yes. I'm speakin' tweet, baby. Does it sound natural?

I just got back from the Silicon Valley Moms blog group kickoff of its Orange County chapter (website coming soon). It was at the lovely Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel. Have you been there? No? You should. It's up on a cliff and overlooks the ocean and it's just gorgeous. Plus they have a wine and chocolate tasting thing. Surf lessons, too. 

Anyway, there were a ton of bloggers, PR flaks and sponsors at the event today.

I got there in time for a Q&A about bloggers and brands and how to work with them. Many of the women chimed in, so I learned that "we all get TONS of product pitches."


They were a-creakin' for me, people (that IS me in the picture, if you can believe it, despite the makeup and fancy dress. Know how you can tell? Cause no matter how put-together I'd LIKE to appear, my freakin' nursing-bra strap is showing. GAH!).

I guess most of the bloggers there are already well-established. They tweet. They facebook. They market themselves. They get companies knocking on their portals, asking them to review, publicize or otherwise  try out their products - because their blogs get a lot of traffic. Or maybe the blog writer has a huge following on twitter. 

It's all about the numbers. Brands go on blogs and check out how many comments you have. (And since most of you guys comment directly on facebook, it looks like no one reads me. But you DO! I heart you all!)

Clearly I'm a little behind the times in embracing social media. Hey, I'm a former print journalist. It's in my blood (see newspapers: why they are dying).

So you're probably wondering why I was there today. I was invited to join, entirely due to my friend Ciaran of Momfluential.  I got to meet the truly awesome founders of the Silicon Valley Moms Group, the sponsors and, of course, some of the other bloggers. It was a little like being the new kid in school. I was just trying to fit in and not inadvertently nail someone with my bags stuffed with products. I was not entirely successful with either.

Anyway, my little bloggity blog blog will now be part of a bigger group. It's growing up (sniffle, sniffle).

What does this all mean? I'm now a member of the Orange County Moms Blog. I'll probably get more traffic. I'll be invited to some cool Mom Blog events in the OC. Like today's. 

I really have to think about - and answer - the Big Questions: What is the purpose of my blog? What do I want to do with it? Should I rename it? How do I market it? What the hell is it about, anyway?

See, I'm just emerging from the black hole that is the first year of a baby. I feel my energy coming back. I'm able to occasionally think a thought through to its conclusion. I'm a little less tied to the house, as X can go longer in between nursing and will soon be introduced to some sort of milk that I don't produce.

I'm ready to start paying a little bit of attention to myself again (Hey, self, 'memba me?) Really, as moms, we are always trying to redefine ourselves, aren't we? Especially after adding another baby into the mix.

I just didn't expect my blog to have an identity crisis.

But there it is. 

Lots to ponder.

In the meantime, I'm still giggling like a loon over the parting gift tonight. Let's just say I was glad one of my kids didn't grab it out of the bags I brought home and show it to my mother-in-law. Here are a few hints: it has batteries. It's small. And it has a silicone bunny that goes over it.

Membership has its privileges. 


Jennifer said...

Cheryl, you look great! (and had you not mentioned the bra strap I never would have noticed lol)

Janine said...

Oh, I'll post my comment to your blog!! Um, can I just say you look AMAZING in your pic!!! But the bra strap is hilarious. I am glad your blog is getting some recognition b/c you really truly are a great writer. I have always enjoyed reading it and look forward to new posts.

Can I just say I am jealous that you are on the road to getting "yourself" back?? I feel like I am going to opposite way!! One of these days....

Rockin' Mama said...

hehe! Congrats! Hope to be seeing more of you at the events...and who knew we were neighbors?


Cheryl said...

Thanks!! Once in awhile I clean up...

Caryn - Hopefully we can officially meet in person! Where do you live, anyway?

Sugar said...

Last night's party was so much fun!

I know you might think it has to do with comments, but that's not always the case. I have friends that get so many comments I want to rock myself back and forth and cry in envy. Oddly, they don't get any attention from brands and PR.

The one thing I have found to be the key to getting attention is fairly simple... be yourself! I miss out on tons of stuff that my friends get to do, but then I get to do other things that they don't. Follow that up with aligning yourself with awesome people (aka Ciaran) and you will have a great time.

Can't wait to read your stuff over at OC Moms!!

Cheryl said...

Sugar - thank you, thank you, thank you! I guess I was just a bit overwhelmed yesterday! I need to remember to stay true to what I do, which is write.

Mely said...

I will make sure that I leave more comments like I used to...but you know these days with work, house, kids and COLLAGE I don't have much free time.

I had always enjoy your writing!!! have a unique and funny way to write that I really enjoy :-) ROCK in that picture!

What a little that's what you get in a blog convention?...ENJOY it...I got one in my BBF taught that it will help to release some of first time mommy stress!

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