Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's Hope it's Always Just Toys

Every morning before my son leaves for school, I have to frisk him. We're talking a full-body pat-down.

And he's only in kindergarten. I don't want to think what'll happen when he's in high school.

This is because Sawyer likes to sneak snuff out of the house.

It started with Bakugan. He'd shove them in his pockets. And his father (in these sorts of topics, I refer to David as the kids' dad and NOT my husband) allowed this to go on, as long as Sawyer handed him the toys once he got to school. Which didn't always happen.

This past week it was his new Zhu Zhu pet. He came out of his classroom, opened his snack bag and whipped out Chunky, much to my surprise. And grinned when I gave him The Look.

Sawyer also snuck him to Little League practice, where I found him in his bat bag. But he did learn a hard lesson when a teammate threw the white toy onto the field. And now he's no longer completely white.

So he moved on. Yesterday David brought home a Squirmy, which is a little fuzzy creature on a string.  It comes in a little plastic case. Perhaps you had one of these as a child?

This morning, before Sawyer left for school, I asked him where Blueberry (his Squirmy, 'cause he's blue) was.

"In my closet."

"Really. So if I go up there and look I will find it."

"Well, it's kind of down in my closet."

"Where I will look for it and find it. Right?"

"Okay, okay."

And Sawyer reached into the side of his UNDERWEAR and pulled out the plastic case with Blueberry in it.


He didn't realize he was dealing with the Master.

Maybe some day I'll tell him about the time I was in high school and hid an entire case of Budweiser behind a couple trees in the front lawn. Or about how my friend and I used a pulley system to sneak beer into her room.

Or maybe about the time I was out with a friend and got my car stuck in the mud at a place I wasn't supposed to be. And my parents never realized I didn't bring the car home that night (we got it out early the next morning before school, but I don't think the transmission was ever the same).

Then again, I probably won't.

I don't want to give him any ideas. I'll just let him think there's no fooling Mommy - so I can always be one step ahead when it REALLY matters.


Samantha said...

hah ... i never imagined 10 years ago you'd be frisking your son for hidden toys ...hysterical. You're scary-good at this motherhood thing, C.

LIz said...

Here I thought I was the only one who "frisks" their kids before school!!! Great post!

Cheryl said...

Sam - HA! I'm just an overly suspicious mom, based on my own personal history.. ;)
Liz - I'm glad I'm not alone!!

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