Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Start 'Em Young

I was in my mid-20s and was out to lunch at the Chestnut Hill Mall with my sister and brother-in-law. I believe we were eating at Jai's, my favorite Asian place that has long since ceased to exist.

They ordered sushi. I'd never had it. I'd been out with them before and had no desire to try it, especially when once at a sushi bar my BIL did a shot that contained a raw quail egg, tabasco and who knows what else.

I liked fish. I just liked it cooked. But looking at the big boat they ordered that day, I actually found it appealing. So I tried it. Then I immediately smacked myself upside the head because what took me so long?!?!?!

Of course, being me, I'm a picky sushi eater. I can't stand the rolls. What is up with that seaweed? It reminds me of the scene in Madagascar when Alex the Lion gets it stuck in his teeth. It's crunchy but not in a good way. (And yes, I'm aware this is NOT a picture of Alex with green stuff in his teeth. I couldn't find one, okay? Just take a green crayon and color on his teeth on your screen. You'll get the idea.)

I just want the fish. Sashimi would be fine, except I do like to slather the sushi in the soy/wasabi mixture so that all that fiery goodness soaks into the rice. It is only hot enough if one bite causes the hairs in my nose burn and fall out on my plate.

You're not supposed to eat sushi while pregnant, and besides, last time I had it, I had a bad reaction (clearly the sushi had some sort of bacteria on it that my body didn't like). I'm still nursing, but I was feeling a little crazy today, and when I went to the store, they were having a special on freshly prepared sushi. I know what you're thinking, you sushi snobs. But hey - I saw the chef! He had one of those sushi chef hat things on! It was authentic! I swear! And it's not like David and I are going to sneak off to a little sushi place anytime soon. So, yes, I bought sushi at the store.

I brought it home and mentioned it to Sawyer. He was VERY interested. The boy will try anything, which I always think is ironic considering he's the one that has to be so careful about what he eats. His sister, she of the no-allergies-to-anything, took one look and pronounced it "yucky."

There was a container with rolls that had crab in it. Sawyer has never had shellfish and we decided tonight was not the time to introduce it in case he had a reaction, since David is working and I had a session with my trainer. So he just had a veggie roll. And he liked it.

But then he saw my container of sushi, tuna and salmon. He was all over it. Loved it. And when he finished eating, I told him I had a secret to tell him.

That fish? That lovely, orange salmon we just ate? Guess what? It's RAW. Not cooked. Right from the fish to the rice.

His eyes got big.

Raw fish, huh?

Can I have some more?


Jen C said...

Ooh, we have a place here that has a really great sushi buffet. There's a great variety AND a hot bar stocked with noodles and teriyaki chicken (which is pretty much all Jonah will eat there) and a cold bar that has salads and orange slices.


Irazmi said...

have you ever tried subbing soy paper for seaweed? very yummy!!! and you can still have all the fun rolls (unless you have the budget for all sashimi-all the time, lucky!)

kirsten said...

OOh, Jen we'll have to go together so you can guide the newbie through the line. Haven't ever gotten sushi fr. over there.

Cheryl - AWESOME. I'm always SO impressed when a kid is convinced to eat some crazy concoctions..... And for the record, I like the seaweed rolls. Makes it tidy. Not so into HUGE hunks of raw fish.

Jennifer said...

Love sushi! Helena has been eating it for a while now - man does that girl love her wasabi. I know you are not a big fan of seaweed but we had a lot of fun using different shaped paper punches with the seaweed. "Stars" and rice is a big hit at our house.

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