Saturday, January 30, 2010

iLove my Husband

Last year, when I was turning 40, I asked David to get me an iMac.

I really didn't push that hard. The reality was I couldn't justify spending that much money on myself. For a computer. We had a baby due a few months later. And there were plenty of things around the house we needed done.

Sure, I wasn't thrilled when he bought me a new Compaq laptop because it wasn't, you know, a Mac. But I resigned myself to being a PC.

Truth is, I still pined for a Mac. I dreamed about the photo editing I could do, the blog I could host.

David would occasionally interrogate me on WHY I wanted a Mac. Told me I wouldn't even know how to use it. Which is probably true. Then he started taunting me. Would I want a MacBook? Or an iMac? WHY did I want an iMac? Didn't I want the mobility of a laptop? Why did I need a big screen?

I responded with what I thought was a fantastic arguement: a silent, intent stare. At his forehead.

Meanwhile, even a friend of his starting getting on him, telling him I pushed out three kids, don't I deserve it?

So in the past week or so, David started actually taking some action. He thought maybe he could find a used Mac. So he started contacting people on Craigs List.

I did not take any of this seriously. Because this is my husband. He loves nothing better than trying to get the best deal possible on anything he buys. Shall we talk about the flip cam he wants? He's bought a few already - and returned them. He even bought one the other night at one Target and returned it at another. In the same outing.

It can take him FOREVER to buy something, especially when we're talking about a pricey computer that, really, I don't need. I just want.

Tonight I put X to bed and when I started down the stairs I noticed - much to my surprise - a little something on the table where my laptop usually sits.

Okay, it was a BIG something. And I raced down the stairs to embrace it like a long-lost child.

It's mine. ALL MINE!

As soon as David sets it up for me, that is. And shows me how to use it.

In the meantime, I'll just gaze at it from the couch. Where I'm typing on my PC.

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Irazmi said...

once you go MAC, you never go back.... love mine!

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