Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain Day

This had the makings of a disaster. We were about to be hit with the worst rain since biblical times. There was no school. And the huz was not around to help.

So there I was, trapped in the house with three kids.

Let the adventures begin!

It was pretty much standard operating procedure: X woke up super-early, the other two kids came wandering in at about 7:30. I told them they could stay in their pajamas! All day! They proceeded to go directly into their rooms and get dressed. They are no fun.

Everyone ate breakfast, and at about 9 a.m., X went down for his nap. The kids decided to draw. And get ready for battle.

At 9:45 they did, in fact, battle. With Bakugan.

That lasted about half an hour. Then it was on to the next amusement. They only had three slapping fights for stealing each other's pieces.

Then I let Sage go out and fetch the newspaper for me. She has a new Ariel umbrella. Sawyer has lost his. So he didn't get to go out. He cried. Ten minutes later, X woke up. I brought him downstairs, and then Sawyer asked to go to the playhouse to get more Legos. He promised to wear a hat.

Speaking of the playhouse... David put a shower curtain liner over the door to keep the elements out. I mean, not entirely out, but it keeps it a little warmer when it's cool and there aren't huge tumbleweeds blowing in. Anyway, the liner kept flipping up on the roof, which sent me running out there to try to weigh down the bottom. A hammer didn't work. A plank of wood didn't work. Finally, I thought I'd won with the hammer/wood combo on it.

A few minutes later...

Balls. It won.

So Sawyer asked for soup for lunch. I searched our pantry. We were all out. Then I told him I'd create for him chicken and rice soup. He was skeptical. He said he'd wait. He was VERY surprised and impressed when I presented him with this

I didn't tell him how I made it. Let him think his Mom is a miracle worker for a little while.

Meanwhile, I was busy trying to remove Child #3 from my hip. I searched the kitchen for something to pry him off. I finally sat him on the carpet. My lumbar region rejoiced. He did not.

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He was really crying because he was angry I dared try to feed him black beans with a spoon. He's no baby. He likes to eat them all by himself. But I wouldn't let him, because I didn't have an appropriate bib, and you can see what happened yesterday...

Now let's talk about the REAL excitement of the day. This is what we call in the newspaper business "burying the lede." As in, I made you look through all these pictures before talking about the Main Event.

Let's see if you can guess..

Here's another hint

Got it now? That's right: my first baby lost his first tooth!! It's been loose for a couple weeks, and when he woke up this morning he said he could almost flatten it. I saw a little blood and figured he'd lose it really soon. I asked him for a hug after lunch and as he came over, he touched his tooth and out it popped! This kid was BEYOND excited. So we had cookies. Because I heart him.

He kept the tooth in a plastic ziplock in his pocket. And then he decided, after Skyping with Jen, that he should write the Tooth Fairy a note.

The fairy has wings on her, and she's carrying the bag with the tooth. "Tofrew" is his attempt at sounding out the name and writing it himself.

I think he did an awesome job.

Before bed he asked how the Tooth Fairy was going to lift the pillow with his big head on it to get the tooth.

I told him I was sure she'd figure it out.

That's her job.

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