Sunday, January 10, 2010

X is Ten Months!

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I mean, how can you just pick ONE picture? Look how cute he is! Are you LOOKING?!?!

Actually, I've just been futzing around with a photo editing website and am testing out making collages. X was very excited because we were lucky enough to score one of those plastic cars with a handle, and it made its debut yesterday. There was a LOT of excitement on the street when X came rolling up in his new wheels.

So, 10 months. Double digits. Yowza.

This has been a big month. I knew it'd fly by, with all the holiday craziness. But that did not AT ALL stop him from doing all kinds of awesome stuff. And I'm happy to report that it really doesn't get old. Even though he's a third, I still get jazzed by his firsts.

Like his first step. NO I do not have it on video. The good thing is he did it when the whole family was there. Just let go of something, took a step and then lunged into my arms as I squatted next to him.

He's since taken just one step a couple other times. What's really amazing about him is how strong he is. He can stand by himself for about a minute, as he examines a toy, passing it back and forth between both hands.

He'll crawl or push his walker over to something, like Sage's big plastic lego box. He'll squat and pick it up, almost to his eye-level, and stand there checking it out.

I took the kids to the park,and put X down in the sand next to some tiny structures. He pulled up and cruised along and had a great time.

So how is he sleeping, you wonder? Hey! Thanks for asking! Last night he went ELEVEN hours. Without waking up and crying. Not even a peep.

See, we finally did the Cry It Out thing. At first, I'd leave the room and go sleep on the couch when he woke up the second time (yes, I still accomodated him the first time he woke up in the night). Then I realized that there was something wrong with this picture. I mean, shouldn't HE be the one to be booted out of the room?

Logistically, this is not easy. So I came up with a new plan. The past few nights I've played dead. He'd wake up, hold onto the crib rail and wail, watching me. I didn't move, only gritting my teeth when David would roll over or clear his throat.

It would take about 20 minutes, but X would go back to sleep.

Then last night, silence. All. Night. Long.

Here's hoping it's the start of a great month to come.

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kirsten said...

Wow!! It all changes so FAST, doesn't it??? Congrats on actually being able to lie there whilst he screamed at you: you must have superhero powers. And I'm with you: let Month 11 be full of more of the same!

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