Monday, January 25, 2010


So my brother took pity on me - either that, or he was embarrassed by my very existence - and helped me out tonight. The results are right there. On your right. No, your other right. HA!

If your picture is up on the right side of my blog, I thank you kindly for following me. Twelve may seem a modest number, but hey, it could be zero. If you read this blog regularly and have a google account, by all means click the "follow" button and you, too, could be up there. Unless you're to mortified to admit you read my stuff. And you just prefer to lurk. Now, I know for a fact I have more than 12 people reading this blog, so don't be shy!!

I also have an RSS feed button if you'd like this to go to your google reader. That means you don't even have to come here to see my latest words of brilliance. You can just go to your google reader and it will update you. I have recently started using this and have enjoyed going to one spot to catch up on my favorite blogs.

Are you impressed?

Oh! I should say my brother taught me how to set all this up via Skype - did you know you can share screens, so that he can see what I have up on my computer while talking me through it? How cool is THAT? I'm soooo 2010! Or maybe this all happened in '08 but I was too busy running a marathon and getting pregnant and stuff.

So I look forward to adding to my followers list. Don't leave me hanging, people! How sad would it be if no one else joins? Do I need to promise a prize or something? Hmmm???


Iapetus999 said...

Next steps for your blog:
Facebook badge
Tweet log
Topic index
retweet button
about text

Cheryl said...

We'll have to Skype later, if my little tiny brain can handle it..

Iapetus999 said...

Today's a bad day for me.
Prolly won't be around much.

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