Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skype Me

When it comes to social media, I'm kinda like that guest that shows up late to the party, after everyone's already sloppy, the food's all gone and the confetti is a dirty mash underfoot.

I smile and nod a lot, but I don't really get what anyone's saying or what I'm supposed to be doing.

I just found out the other day what an RSS feed was (thanks to facebook, ironically). I recently got back on Twitter, but I don't "get" twitter-ese. What are all the # and @ signs about?

I'd heard of this Skype thing. Hey, I HAVE watched Oprah, okay? But I never did it or really knew much about it.

Then David got me a little camera a few days ago for my computer. It was like a whole new world opened up. I figured it'd be great to talk to my family, so they could see the kids, especially the baby who changes so much, so fast.

I Skyped with my brother in Seattle. My kids were very impressed. Sawyer was eating a cheeseburger at the time and kept sticking it in the camera and yelling "BURGER!" at my brother and his son.

Yeah. Sawyer gets how to put technology to good use.

My next victim was my friend Jen. We have never met IRL (I'm not a TOTAL moron! I speak internet abbreviations!) but have spent lots of time on instant message, text and talking on the phone.

But this. This was a whole other dimension.

I got to see her kitchen. She got a tour of the downstairs of my house. I saw her kids. She saw mine. We chatted. We cracked up.

And then.

Then, we danced.

Because we could.

And then we laughed some more.

We are not great dancers. But stick a camera in front of us and we're dancing fools. Emphasis on "fools."

For a moment or two there, I felt like I actually was AT the party when there was still beer in the keg or martinis in the shaker.

I was so excited I wanted to tweet it.

If only I knew how.

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kirsten said...

Love this - how funny we did social media posts the same night! Of course yours um, HAS COHERENT THOUGHTS, which is always a nice feature of a good blog post. How cool you & Jen got to chat, fer realz.

I would be the one at the party doing the cleanup because I would want to be looking useful whilst having no idea why I was there.

Also, are you running an internet abbreviations seminar any time soon? Another area in which I have no knowledge.

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