Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy Braves Rain

Yep, that Fairy's wings work just fine in the rain. How else to explain how she made it to our house last night?

See, Sawyer lost his first tooth yesterday. And he couldn't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come and visit.

I couldn't either. As much as a rite of passage it was for Sawyer to have this experience, it was also one for me.

I remember leaving my tooth under my pillow and waking up to find, what, 50 cents or something under my pillow. I think there was also fairy dust at one point, too. Even when I became suspicious about just who exactly was leaving the money, I was still amazed every time. So maybe the Tooth Fairy WAS real, after all.

David was not home so I was on my own. I never usually have cash, but I had a $10 bill in my wallet. I figured this was his first tooth, so why not?

Next I typed out a letter from the Tooth Fairy. It mentioned how great his tooth was, how it was one of the best in her collection. That she doesn't usually write a note but his tooth was just that good, and that she loved the note he left her.

It said he was growing up now, and part of that is really taking care of his teeth. Including drinking milk, and wouldn't you know, he specifically asked for a glass this morning.

I also printed out a certificate honoring him for losing a tooth.

This wouldn't have been difficult if I could get my husband's printer to work. It turns out I actually had to boot up his computer to get it to go, even though I was printing from my computer.

The delay just gave Sawyer more time to get into a deeper sleep.

I went upstairs. His room was really dark, but he has a bright clock by his bed. I couldn't exactly see him. I could just hear his even breathing. I carefully slid my hand under the pillow, and congratulated myself on making Sawyer keep the tooth in the plastic bag (also enclosing the note was Sawyer's idea). I grabbed it, slid my note with the $10 under the pillow, and left the certificate on a big turtle pillow he also has in the bed.

I went into my room and gave a little fist pump. Mission accomplished. He didn't wake up. Until two hours later, when he came in my room clutching the letter, the money and the certificate. Luckily I dispatched him back to bed.

This morning we read the letter together. His pride, his excitement - it was just one of those moments that we visualize when we become Mommies, when our child sees the magic of the seemingly impossible actually BE possible.

They know it's okay to dream. Because you just never know what can come true.

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Janine said...

oh, that is so exciting for both of you. Great job!! I am so glad he was so proud of losing his tooth and the letter. What a major milestone. :-))

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