Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost Better than Honey Bear

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Each weekend, a child from Sawyer's kindergarten class gets to take home Honey Bear. The bear goes wherever your kid goes: parties, soccer games, the zoo, out to eat, etc. Then you take pictures and write in the journal about what you did.

Sawyer came bouncing out of class clutching a bag on Friday, shouting that he had Honey Bear. This is a Big Deal. It was pretty cool seeing Sawyer so excited.

Honey Bear had a great weekend: he got to play Bakugan, go out for pizza and even went to a birthday party (no cake, though, since it contained nuts, and Bears are allergic. In case you didn't know. At least they are when they're with Sawyer).

Sawyer even slept with him. It was very sweet. We returned him on Monday but Sawyer was the special student for the week. I had to make an all-about-Sawyer collage, which forced me to look back through old pictures to find some cute baby ones - and more than once I had to stop and say to David "Good LORD X looks JUST LIKE HIM!" I swear I could have 100 boys and they'd all look just like their Dad. It is a thankless job being simply the vessel, I tells ya..

So today David, Sage, X and I went to his classroom for the family visit. We sat up in front of the class and the kids got to ask questions about us.

What's our favorite movie? What's our favorite food? Color? Job? Game? The teacher warned them in advance not to talk about themselves, but when I said my favorite movie is "Ratatouille" I got a lot of "me too!" I mean, who doesn't love that movie?

Really, though, the kids were only sort of paying attention to us. Because a certain small someone stole the show.

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He was yelling, trying to grab Sawyer, babbling and, when I put him down for a second, he crawled around like a wild man. When all the kids started laughing, at first he looked unsure. But then he joined in and started clapping. They were all very impressed.

And Sawyer was extremely proud. His brother was almost as cool as Honey Bear.

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