Monday, January 04, 2010

My Precious

I've been waiting for one of these babies for a long time. And, finally, here it is. Right in my garage.

Today when Xander went down for a nap I simply walked downstairs, changed into shorts and a sports bra (because NO ONE can see me!), and went for a run. Without ever having to leave my house.

This is beyond exciting. With David often gone on business, I could only get out for a run sporadically. It's tough to get back into shape that way. I also am having a major issue with my left hip flexor, and running the hills that surround my neighborhood is excrutiating.

So now I can run on a nice, soft absolutely flat surface. Much better for all my current joint issues.

And I could run NAKED if I wanted to. So sorry for that visual, but it's kind of nice to run in private. The other good thing about that is no one could see me sucking wind. Oh. Em. Gee. Talk about starting at square one! I was embarrassingly slow. Even for me.

At least now I know I'm in excellent position to build my speed and endurance, as long as my hip flexor doesn't explode.

I still can't quite believe we bought one. Yay! I have a treadmill!

The best part? X slept peacefully through the workout. And he awoke to a sweaty but happy Mama.


Anonymous said...

and here I thought it would be about one of your precious babes. Congrats! ~Kris

Wendy said...

Yay! You'll love it! We love ours (well, Wes does... I've only used it once. I know, I know). :)

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