Monday, January 14, 2008

Making do

We don't have Fall in SoCal. It's the season I miss most.

When the baseball playoffs are going on in Boston, I REALLY miss being there - the crisp air, the fuzzy sweaters, and, of course, leaves crunchy under some really hot boots.

There are, contrary to popular belief, seasons out here. There really are. They are:

Cold in the Morning

I'm aware that's six. But hey, I didn't even include Earthquake, Mudslide or Fires of Hell.

We have a tree in our front yard which likes to shed its leaves. In January.

So even though my kids have yet to experience the boundless joy of leaping into a leaf pile and burying themselves under the musty, scratchy splendor, they made do with what they had.

I really have no idea what's going on with this last one, other than Sawyer looks just a bit frightened..

It was a happy day.


Melissa said...

I miss your So Cal seasons. I miss playing outside in my t-shirt in January. I am admitting here and now that I am a little bit jealous of you. I also have to say that the one thing I DO like about living in Nor Cal is that we have Fall. It's my favorite season. But, I'm just not sure one Fall season can outweigh all the gloriously warm and beautiful days you get to enjoy with your kids! Glad you're enjoying them!!

Mely said...

I am jelous too! here is the part of cali that I am...North by Sacramento. It has been so COLD!!! I want some of that warm weather...but I have to admit that Fall is my fave too...I love when the trees change colors!

Dawn said...

Hey I'll take it! ;) BTW- Love the pics!

Dorothy said...

I was just thinking the same thing while looking at our back yard (see latest blog entry). Where is our "fall" and why do the leaves fall in Jan here?

Cheryl said...

Now if we could just find some snow..

Amy said...

Snow?? Snow?? Come on over here for a visit ... Southern Minnesota has plenty ... LOL

I am not jelous of the leaves as we have all of that, but right now I am extremely jelous of the SHORTS!!!

Looks like a great day!!!

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