Friday, January 11, 2008

It's not MY fault

I keep waiting for my kids to do something funny. Embarrassing would be even better. At this point, I'd settle for cute.

Cause I got nothin'. I love to post about the sidesplitting or adorable things my two cherubs do, because who doesn't want to read all about them? (cue crickets)

At any rate, I'm at the point where I must shout "DO SOMETHING ALREADY! MY BLOG IS WILTING!"

So I apologize that I don't have anything for you, my loyal readers. But don't look at me. Blame THEM!

And what did I get? Blank stares before they returned to counting the dog hair on the rug.

Okay, maybe if I wasn't spending so much time playing Scrabalous on Facebook I'd have more brain power to work on creating something interesting here. Or at least, surfing the web for the latest celebrity gossip.

Or at the very least, I could dig up a picture to post. But instead, I'm heading off to bed. With the promise to do better next time!


Dawn said...

Hey, my kids don't preform (or even behave!) on command so you're not alone! Maybe one of them will give the other an interesting haircut like Anne's girls did. LOL

Dawn said...

perform. sorry!

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