Monday, January 28, 2008

Potty (not)Training

I was prepared for Sawyer to be potty trained when he was about three. I'd heard boys were later and tougher than girls. Still, it was like nails on a chalkboard at times listening to all my friends' stories about potty training when we were nowhere close. He was the last of the kids in my moms group to still be in diapers.

He finally asked to wear his big boy underwear right after Christmas of 2006, a couple weeks after his 3rd birthday. He was basically trained in a few hellacious days. He has never worn a pullup or anything at night. In fact, I knew he was ready to train because he was dry when he woke up in the morning.

I was very hopeful with Sage that she would be early. Girls are supposed to be easier, right? And second children like to train themselves so they can be like their older sibling.

Sage was very aware when we were going through the whole thing with Sawyer. She knew something exciting was going on in the bathroom. She liked to "help" by handing us toilet paper.

So here we are, at 2 years, four months, and...nothing. She likes to sit on the potty. But she has yet to go. The past two nights she has said "Mommy! Pee-pee!" and proceeded to take off her pants and her diaper and head off to the bathroom, where she sits on the potty.

And sits.

And does nothing.

I even turned on the faucet to give her the hint.

She has been hiding and yelling "privacy!" when she poops. But she refuses to do it on the potty.

My friend's daughter, who will turn two in March, is already practically potty trained.

I don't get it.

What's with my kid?

We don't make a big deal out of it. My pediatrican firmly believes potty training is a spectator sport. We're supposed to basically ignore it.

I also know that forcing the issue can totally backfire. I have a friend whose son trained earlier than Sawyer - except he still will only poop in a pull-up - after they tried to make him go in the potty, prompting him to hold his poop for a week and become physically ill. Another friend's son trained MUCH earlier than Sawyer and wore a pull-up at night until about six months ago.

I try to be patient. I know I should cut her a break. She just learned how to talk, for cripes sake! But frankly, I've been changing diapers for over four years. I'd like a break!

The problem, I believe, lies in the fact that Sage is incredibly stubborn. If she even THINKS for a MOMENT that I might like it if she'd use the potty, she'll put on the brakes.

It has to be HER idea.

Anytime now...


Melissa said...

Son't feel bad, Ashley isn't PT'd yet either (and they are almost the same age!) My ped. also said to not push the issue with her so we are also waiting in our house... and waiting... Don't you just dream of the day we can stop changing diapers?? Yes, some women dream of diamonds, I dream of the end of poopy diapers. Go figure!

Jen C said...

At least Sage will sit on the potty. Sadly, I can't get Jonah to do that yet and no amount of duct tape, super glue or fisherman's rope has kept him on the pot.

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