Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slapped with the Bad Mommy label

I took Sawyer and Sage to the dentist for the first time today. Sawyer's visit was long overdue, to say the least. He's had those teeth for a long time (had 16 by a year). Who knew what was going on in there.

I have to say that Sawyer was a champ. No crying at all. He actually had a pretty good time. They have TV screens on the ceiling, so he could watch when he was lying back.

Sage, not surprisingly, did not cooperate. The only thing she complied with was having the dentist look at her teeth - while Sage was lying with her body on me and her head in the dentist's lap.

Not that it was easy, of course. Sage cried the entire time. The look on a little boy's face as he came into the room for his exam and heard her was priceless. Kinda reminds me of that scene in Nemo when the dentist is fighting off the bird and the kid is watching from the next room.

Our next trip for Sawyer might not be as fun for him. He has a cavity. A CAVITY! The dentist explained that because a lot of his baby teeth touch (look at your kids' baby teeth. They are probably nicely spaced!), a lot of gunk can get stuck in there.

Not that my kid ever drinks juice or eats sweets, of course. GAH! Now he gets to rinse with a flouride wash and we will floss his teeth. That should be enjoyable for all...

So in a few weeks, he is getting a tooth filled. The horror! Seriously. I feel really bad. Because essentially it's my fault. And I had 12 (count 'em, TWELVE) fillings as young adult. That led me to a tremendous fear of dentists that kept me away for a very long time.

Now I go every six months and floss religiously.

I'm hoping he won't ever want to go again after the filling. They'll give him laughing gas to make him more "comfortable."

I'm already scared for him. Which is why I'm sending David.

That, and the possible side affect of nausea or vomiting.

Poor little guy!


Melissa said...

No, No, No and Yes, Yes, Yes. First of all No: YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOMMY! Now on with the yes - Yes, Sawyer will survive this. Greg had his first and second trip to the dentist recently first for his check up and second for his filling. He also had laughing gas and he did just fine. And, I know Sawyer will too! May I recommend the cool Buzz Lightyear floss they sell at Target. That's what we had to buy for Greg whose teeth also touch. Our poor boys!

Dawn said...

From the Queen of Dental Work, both cosmetic and not (moi), it's not going to scar him for life. ;) Don't worry!

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