Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Senorita Bossy Pants

No, Mommy, I BOO IT!!!

This is what I hear all day. Every day.

I have a little dictator in pink sneakers.

The weather was kind of chilly and damp today so I decided we would just stay home and play. I've been feeling a bit guilty about spending more time on my laptop than I do interacting with the small people who inhabit my airspace.

I convinced Sage that it would be more fun to play with Mommy and Sawyer in the garage (that's OUR playroom, you horrible people with huge houses!) than it would be to watch her astonishingly awful Hello Kitty DVD. After a small hissy fit, she graciously deigned to join us.

Sawyer was involved playing with his Geotrax. I enticed Sage with some playdoh.

But Sage, I discovered, really isn't the play WITH type. She's the I BOO IT type. As in, she did not want Mommy's help. SHE wanted to roll the playdoh. SHE wanted to cut it with her pizza cutter. SHE wanted to put it back in the container.

I was not just irrelevant. I was a giant pain in her ass.

If I try to sing one of "her" songs, she will shout. Because, well, "I BOO IT!"

I'm all for independence, but she takes it to an extreme. No idea where she gets it from...

In fact, she's shouting I BOO IT right now, as David is trying to get her ready for her bath.

I really do admire her will. It's just that at this age it makes everything so much more difficult. I have to run her down and then physically restrain her just to comb her hair and, if I'm lucky, slap a bow in it.

She insists on buckling herself into her carseat, usually when we're running late to take Sawyer to preschool. It just postpones the inevitable, which is me booing doing it because she can't quite maneuver the smaller buckles yet.

When she has to poop, she runs out of the room. If you ask where she is, she yells "Priiiivadee!" which she learned from her brother, who likes his privacy when he's pooping. Then it's another footrace to swoop her up and drop her on the couch to change her. Don't even get me started on the actual removing the diaper/wiping the butt part. I am looking forward to when she I BOO IT on the potty.

She and Sawyer played outside for a little bit right before lunch. Sawyer kept shoving the front of her tricycle. Sage responded by bopping him over the head with a metal dog brush.

Today, when I wouldn't get her Rocket because she had Stinky Poop #2 in her diaper and was instead carrying her down the stairs, she bit me. Luckily, I was wearing a thick sweater, so all she got a mouthful of fleece. And then she went to timeout. A couple hours later, at dinner, she said "I forry Mommy for bite you."

So she does have a conscience. It just takes awhile for it to surface.

She can be a very snuggly baby. Except not before bed. Shockingly, she wants to read her bedtime story. By herself. In her own chair. Without Mommy.

I am sure there will come a time when her I BOO IT's fill me with pride. She has a lot of those moment ahead of her: learning to read, to ride a bike, to jump off the high dive.

Every nce in awhile, I do see a glimmer that she is open to help from others.

Like when her milk is across the room. And she is too comfy on the couch to retrieve it.

"YOU did it, Mommy!"


Amy said...

Love it ... we have that syndrome around here x 2 ... so much fun let me tell you!! LOL

I fixed the link in my profile for the blog BTW ... I tried leaving comments with it under the other post but they are not showing up ... so you may get a bunch all of a sudden if blogger actually took them all ...


Cheryl said...

I can't even imagine Sagex2. Seriously.
I visited your blog briefly and OMG can they be any CUTER?? How's their speech going, btw?

Amy said...

Aww, thanks Cheryl. I wish I could say they get their looks from me, but I can't quite see myself in either of them ... LOL

Their speech is progressing. Madison is taking the lead. She is finally putting together three word phrases and the vocab is growing daily. Alyssa is still way behind, but she surprises me occasionally with a string of words. I know she knows them, it is just coaxing them out of her. I will likely do a follow up with their doctor and if he is concerned with the delay, we will move ahead with therapy in the upcoming months. It sounds like it has done wonders for Sage, so that is really encouraging!!

Keep the posts coming, your blog makes me smile daily ...

Melissa said...

Oh, I just love to hear that other parents are going through the same stuff as me. :) Little Miss Sage is so darn cute in her pictures, I simply can not picture her being bossy at all. At least she's so adorable, you probably can't stay annoyed with her for long!

Cheryl said...

Yes. The cuteness does help. Toddlers and puppies: if they weren't so damn cute, you'd throw them out the window!

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