Sunday, January 13, 2008

Perhaps a bit too cocky?

My new orthotics were firmly in my shoes, my hydration belt was full, and I was ready - finally - to run again.

It's been awhile.

My foot got so bad from my neuroma and tendinitis that my podiatrist shut me down. I also conveniently had the flu, so I could barely move off the couch, nevermind pound the pavement.

I braved two spin classes this week and felt good. I got my orthotics and had no issues at all. They were actually quite comfy.

The alarm went off at 6 this morning and I was excited.

I was going to run!

I cranked the music in my car and headed off to meet Torrey and Cindy. Cindy was waiting when I pulled into the parking lot, and we brought some sexy back as we jammed out to Justin T.

Then Torrey arrived and it was showtime.

The plan was to run eight miles. Yes, I realize I haven't run for almost a month, but eight miles isn't so bad. Really! And everything was going really well, aside from the winds that kicked up and the wind I was sucking.

But I was content to trot behind my girls, as I really was just happy to be here.

We stopped at mile 4 to Gu and I noticed a twinge in the ball of my foot. Then, once we started running again, we had to go up a hill, over the 405, then down.

My foot no likey. The tendon in my big toe was shouting STOP, YOU ASSHOLE! I tried to run through the knifing pain, but it was impossible, and I had to stop and walk. I was so bummed. I told Cindy and Torrey to keep going, but they decided to walk with me.

Once we got back to the flat area, I tested out my foot. It was still uncomfortable, but doable.

We made it back.

Well, I made it back and felt relatively strong. My foot, on the other hand, was clearly annoyed and decided to throb all day. I'm sure it was wondering what the HELL I was doing going that far on my first run after an injury.

Probably not the smartest move. I just can't imagine running three. It's so...short.

I was anxious to get back out there: running with Torrey and Cindy reminded me of what I've been missing. The conversations about everything and nothing. The discussions on, of course, bodily functions. Kids. Work. Life.

The miles go by.

On this particular day, running in shorts and a tee, I could look in front of me and see blue sky and bright sun and, in the distance, snow-capped mountains.

A beautiful morning. Spent with these wonderful women.

Which makes this whole thing with my foot that much more frustrating. It isn't about running a certain distance just to say I can. It's that the distance allows me more time to bond, to laugh, to think.

Without running, without Torrey and Cindy and the pavement and the miles, my life gets a little smaller.


Just J said...

Well that stinks about your foot. I am sorry it still acting up on you. I hope it gets better for you soon. And, I am so jealous of your beautiful weather day!

Jen C said...

At the beginning of the post my thought was

See that's why I never leave the comfort of the couch

But by then by the end I thought, why the hell don't I run? (you must understand that is huge deal for me as I haven't "exercised" since before I had sonny boy)

Hope your foot is better and you're able to get back out there!

Melissa said...

Noooooooo... I do not want your world to get a little smaller. I am sending so many +++ thoughts that your foot starts cooperating with your running plans!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, JJ! I'm sure it's just a touch warmer here than where you are! LOL

Jen - Yes! Get out there and run! ;)

Melissa - Thanks for the wishes! I spoke to my doc today, who agreed that I should not have run that far my first time out with the orthotics. Blah!

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