Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dance Fever

Sage's recital was this weekend. It wasn't the big to-do that it was in the summer. We didn't have to drop $75 on a dress they'd wear for about 7 minutes during the recital, thereby it becoming the Most Expensive Dress-up Play Dress Ever.

This time, they wore leotards they already had. The santa hats and legwarmers were from Target (natch) and the reindeer antlers from Walgreens.

Of course, they were all still adorable.

In the first dance, for some reason Sage was fixated on her friend next to her for awhile in the beginning. But she does eventually turn her head..then look out!

One of the girls did not want to do this dance because she did not care for the words "I'm getting nothin' for Christmas." She did it anyway. Sage knew "it's just pretend. Right, Mommy? RIGHT?!?!"

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kirsten said...

SO. Freakin. CUTE! It looks like she was having fun, too. Yay Sage!

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