Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitchen Genius

Stretching my culinary abilities, I told the kids I was going to put something very special on their toast this morning.

I told them how when I was Little Girl Mommy, my mother (yes, that's right, Grandma) used to give me just the same thing. We called it Bear, because it came in a little glass container shaped like a bear.

So I got out the cinnamon and sugar, and mixed them together (I KNOW! Just call me Julia!) and sprinkled it on their buttered toast.

Sawyer had questions.

"Mommy! How can you remember something that happened when you were my age? That is SO LONG AGO!"

Yes. Yes it is. Like, even before the time of the dinosaurs. But some things you don't forget. Like yummy warm toast with butter and cinnamon sugar.

The kids loved it. They each gobbled up three pieces.

"Daddy! Mommy thought this up in her OWN BRAIN!!"

Astounding development. Right here. In my own kitchen, people.

A masterpiece. And it didn't even come out of a box!

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