Sunday, December 13, 2009


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A hand and a finger, people. That's what you now need to show how old you are.


I don't even know how it happened. The other day, you stood next to Xander at the front door, and you looked huge next to him. And yet, it was yesterday that you were just a baby, so I'm not clear how you got so ginormous overnight.

You've actually been telling everyone that you're six for awhile now. Your friend from school called you on it, asking ME how old you were. And when I said you were five, he told you you were lying - and you actually got upset. Because for some reason, you believed you WERE six by virtue of your birthday being so close.

Well, now it's official. You gave me six hugs today, just to make it so.

You started school. Kindergarten. Which now means the years are measured in minutes, not weeks or days. Ready or not.

This has been quite a year, for our family and for you.

You got a baby brother. You weren't entirely excited when I brought him, just two hours old, into your bed to wake you up that morning in March. But as we knew you would, you soon fell in love with him. You're excited to show him the ropes. And there is nothing better than making him laugh.


You learned to swim. REALLY swim. You can do laps of the crawl, breast and back stroke. You were just learning to dive at the end of the summer. I can't wait to see how you'll progress next summer and we wonder if swimming will be your Sport.

Although, you're actually pretty good at soccer. You played AYSO and even scored a couple goals. And you're a fast runner, which shows, yet again, how much you take after your Dad and not me.

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You can read short sentences of sight words. Yyou can write them, too. A VERY exciting development and one you're (rightfully) very proud of. Considering this time last year you were not holding a crayon correctly, it's amazing progress.

You are a very affectionate child. Unfortunately, this has gotten you in trouble a few times: in pre-k, for kissing girls; in Karate, for kissing a girl; and in kindergarten, for, you guessed it, being overly touchy-feely.

It's probably better than shoving or punching other kids, but we keep reiterating that kissing is for Family Only. We want you to be a friendly guy, and you are, but we're trying to teach you about appropriate boundaries.

Hugging is for family, too.

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Other than Bakugan, your current obsession is with Michael Jackson. You listen to a CD that Daddy made you every night before bed. Sometimes you'll go up in your room during the day and I'll hear it playing, and when I peek in your room, you're dancing.

What's that saying? Dance like no one's watching? That's what you do. I hope you always will.

Happy, happy birthday. You are our light.

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kirsten said...

oh dearie me. That bit at the end is what got me. I struggle *every day* to try to make space for my kids to dance as if no one's watching, and it's so hard.

It goes so fast. So fast!

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!

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