Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's right there in Sharpie

My mother is crafty. This apparently is a gene she did not pass on to her offspring.

She can knit, embroider, and her latest passion is quilting. She's made beautiful quilts for Sawyer and Sage. So she decided to make one for X.

She just sent me this awesome quilt, in fun colors, with the whole back done in a bright blue minky material.

It's customary for her to sign her work with a patch sewn to the back. I think it's cool, so years from now, the kids can have something personal to remember her by.

So as I went to wash X's quilt, I read the patch.

And I about fell over.

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Iapetus999 said...

I wish she'd make me a guilt. Or make some guilts for the kids.
That would be nice.

kirsten said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!! Awesome. As if the quilt (I mean Guilt) wasn't gift enough. So how come you're not crafty? WHAT UP WIDAT?

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