Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh, Barbie, what happened to you?

Today my mother-in-law came by. She wanted to go to Target with Sawyer so he could pick out a birthday gift, as she was sick and couldn't see him on his actual birthday.

Sawyer said Sage also had to pick out something. So David took them and his mother into Target while I ran over to Michael's.

The kids soon ran to meet me. Sawyer was waving his new toy. I know you will all be SHOCKED to learn he chose yet another pack of Bakugan.

And there was Sage, so very excited about HER early Christmas gift. She chose a Barbie.

Now, I was distracted, paying for my purchases, so it took me a few minutes to actually look at the Barbie. And that's when I realized this wasn't the kind of Barbie I was expecting.

Oh no. This was Prostitute Barbie, complete with spiky heeled pink FM boots and a crotch-baring miniskirt.

I mean, I can get past the permanently pointed toes, the completely ridiculous waist size, etc. of a regular Barbie. But this was Just. Too. Much. So I turned to my husband, and quietly asked, "WTF?!?!?!"

He said that's the one she wanted, that he tried to talk her into a more, um, modest Barbie, but she was set on this one, and his mother paid for it, was Sassy, the Barbie Fashionista. She has 100+ poses!

I really don't consider myself a prude. Seriously. But this was just beyond what I consider an appropriate doll for a four year-old. Of course, Sage says she likes her pink-striped hair and her pink boots and her pink skirt and her pink sunglasses. Oh - and she has a belt!

I know the doll isn't going to turn my daughter into some future prospect for Tiger Woods. I guess I just figured I had a few more years left of Strawberry Shortcake and Disney Princesses.

I can only hope.


kirsten said...

gaaaah. Why. DO. THEY MAKE THESE TOYS?!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!

I don't think I've ever had a prouder moment than when Cecilie opted not to buy the Holiday 2009 Barbie because "she looks mean Mommy. She looks like like a Bratz doll."

but believe me, she's picked so many other crappy items.

Cheryl said...

I do wonder who they're supposed to appeal to..but apparently it's four year-olds!

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