Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, she did

Sage is, shall we say, unimpressed. She laughs at yelling. Giggles at timeout. Nothing phases this girl (altho, throwing her into her crib instead of on the naughty step tonight did suprise her, so score one for Mommy!).

We were reading books on the couch, and, as Sage refuses to let me actually read to her (I do it, Mommy!), she was crawling off and on me as Sawyer listened to me read Mike and the Steam Shovel (anyone read that one? anyone find it kind of weird that this grown man's best friend is a steam shovel named Maryanne? Discuss.).

Then, she decided I was paying too much attention to her brother. So she took a shot at my face.

Sawyer looked at her, leaned in and said "OH NO YOU DI-N'T!"

All that was missing was a head bob and snapping fingers.


Dawn said...

Hilarious! Sage is quite a pistol, too. Why is the second child always the troublemaker?

Having girls, we have not read that book, but I would also be disturbed by the man's choice in relationships.

DH thinks that I'm crazy that I wonder how it is that Oswald (who lives out of the water- WTH!!!???) has FRIENDS who are flowers and insects...and has a dog for a pet. Um, isn't the dog of a higher intelligence than the flower and the butterfly? Shouldn't Weenie be the friend?

And how is it that Miss Spider has adopted other bugs (not spiders) and is raising them instead of sucking their blood?

I think I may have too much time on my hands.

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Next time you're in TX or we're in CA we're going to get Julia & Sage together and see if they really were twins separated before birth ;-) And Sawyer's a riot!

Jen C said...

HA! That is hysterical!! Were you able to keep your composure?

Jen C said...

Dawn - I HAVE THE SAME THOUGHTS? And here's another one...why on Word World do the Pig, Sheep and even freakin' Fly speak but the Dog can only bark?

Melissa said...

LOL - Sawyer totally rocks! :) I might invite him over here soon. Ashley could use a little bit of his "guidance" on how to talk to her Mommy too.

Cheryl said...

Okay, I have no clue who Oswald is..and I didn't notice that about World Word because, you know, I don't watch it! That would be like hanging around while the babysitters there! lol

What's weird is when we're around other kids, Sage is usually the least aggressive of the other girls but she is starting to stick up for herself, which I love!

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